As the title indicates, the content of this blog may be ‘all over the map’.

These blogs are a compilation of stories that have taken more than a decade to write. The story began June 3 2005, a day that changed our life forever. The day our daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer and the world stood still.

Luckily, it is a story that is still being written today.

One diagnosis, 3 relapses, fast approaching three hundred doses of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and so many long term effects. This blog is about the ‘cost of the cure’ and living life to the absolute extreme despite all the shit. 

 We live in uncertainty every single day, but we also know how lucky we are to be granted borrowed time and we don’t want to waste one single second. 

This blog is a place to share our life and our experiences.  It is a place to share the the truth and the reality of childhood cancer, treatment, relapse and the long term effects not only for our child but on our entire family. It is a place to swear and drink wine and vent. It is a place to laugh and cry and still feel hopeful.

 The words written here are intimate. They detail how cancer has shaped who we are and who we want to become.

 It is about living our dash- throwing it in the ‘fuck it bucket’ while doing our best to evolve.

By having as much fun as possible, taking risks, seeking adventure and throwing caution to the wind we are trying to find peace in the madness.

No waste. No throwing it away. No more  waiting for the day when cancer isn’t our life.

Our life is now. 

We love to travel.

Collectively, since diagnosis we’ve visited over 20 countries. It’s risky but it is also what fills our love buckets. 

We get lost together to find ourselves.

This world is full of beauty and struggle.

And, so is our life.

You are welcome to join as we navigate our way though it all. This life is one ‘All over the map’ ❤️

Greece 2011

Greece 2011


 Cancer can only ever take what you let it.