bald is beautiful

bald is beautiful


As the title indicates, the content of this blog may be ‘all over the map’. I am in the process of transferring blogs and writing our story since 2008 (Logan’s last relapse) so please bear with the lack of chronological order to my posts.

These blogs are a compilation of stories that have taken more than a decade to write. The story began June 3 2005, a day that changed our life forever. This was the day our daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer and the world stood still.

Luckily, it is a story that is still being written today.

One diagnosis, 2 relapses, literally hundreds of treatments and now the reality of long term effects, and the cost of the cure- as we call it.

 We live on edge every single day. We fear the very real reality of another relapse, but we also know how lucky we are to have this borrowed time so we don’t want to waste one single moment.

This blog is a place to share our life and our experiences.  It is a place to share the the truth and the reality of childhood cancer, treatment, relapse and the long term effects not only for our child but our entire family.

 The words written here are intimate. They will detail how cancer has shaped who we are and who we want to be.

It is also about how we have not let doom and gloom  get the best of us- which has not been easy. It is about how we are trying to living our dash in the very best way we can. By having as much fun as possible, taking risks, seeking adventure and throwing caution to the wind with the attitude of you only live once.

We ask ourselves the question what have we got to lose? After all we’ve already faced worst case scenario so many times, how hard can living a full life be?

We are choosing to NOT waste this second chance at life.

Despite, all the challenges we are going to do what we love- travel- and we are going see as much of the world, together. 

 This blog is as much about our passion to travel the world as it is about our obvious obstacles.

Greece 2011

Greece 2011



We travel with no health insurance, but we always have a bag full of powerful medication and heart full of wonder.

We have visited 16 countries together since our Logan;s diagnosis and our main goal is simply- to add to that total.

I am writing this to document our crazy, amazing, and scary life and to show you if we can do this, Any one can.

 Cancer can only ever take what you let it.

There are ups and downs in our life and there are so many boring normal moments in between. Sometimes, our life is a total shit show, sometimes it is out of this planet awesome and sometimes it is just normal- which to us is perfect. 

I can’t promise much about my writing but I can promise that if you choose to join us on this journey, we will be happy to have you along for the ride.